What Men Secretly Want Reviews

What Men Secretly Want written by James Bauer is intricate guide into how a man mind’s works, what men really desire and how a woman can use this to establish more meaningful relationships.

Using a critical yet deeper researched approach he explores why men drift and become distant after sometime in a relationship.

It also addresses men’s emotions and how a woman can understand the man’s concerns. This book helps a woman identify the problem and also provides techniques and tips on how a woman can re-establish a more stable relationship with her spouse.

This brief overview looks deeper into what the book is really about, eligibility of the author and also the significance of the contents of this book.

About the Author

James Bauer is a renowned relationship expert and Psychology student. Based on his experience in relationship couching the concepts are definitely worth reading.

Major Contents in “What Men Secretly Want’’

Respect Principle

The book commences with the author revealing what he calls the most important thing to a man in a relationship- respect.

He explains the significance of respect and how it helps a man establish trust and connection with the woman. He reveals common things most women do that man find disrespectful as well as highlights clear tips on how a woman can reverse the situation and establish trust and respect in the relationship.

Your secret barometer for success

It looks deeper into how a woman can make a man feel respected. The seemingly simple things that make a man feel disrespected are highlighted.

Double His Desire for A Committed Relationship

This section looks deeper into the main reasons why a man fears commitment. It also provides tips on what a woman can do to make a man desire commitment in the relationship.

Stop Being Interesting and Get Interested

Using a critical based yet encouraging approach this chapter explores the significance of having a balanced relationship and how you should not manipulate the relationship to revolve around you.

It provides significant tips on how you show more appreciation for your man. This includes supporting his desires, understanding his fears and listening.

Get a Guy to Commit: Increase Attraction While Setting Standards

It pinpoints what men find attractive in women and also provides tips on how a woman can be attractive and yet respected by a man.

The respect aspect is clearly explained as you are given tips on how to earn respect from your man as well as the few things constantly done that may cause disrespect in a relationship.

How To Unlock His Emotions and Get Him To Open Up

This chapter provides techniques that have been shown to compel a man to open up to a woman.

How Can You Find Quality Men?

It provides tips and strategies on how a woman can establish quality, meaningful relationships.

Meet Your Avatar

While this section starts with a success story from which a person can connect to; it draws close attention on how to identify an ideal partner.

Places and Situations To Avoid

Drawn from experiences, this chapter provides insights in to the kind of things you could be doing that hinder a relationship from thriving and prevent the man of your dreams from approaching you.


  • The well balanced book guides a woman on how they can advance their relationship to one that where parties are happy, committed and interested in each other.
  • It enlightens a woman on how she can connect with her man by understanding how a man’s mind works.
  • It is specifically designed to inspire women cultivate and develop quality relationships by understanding the man and treating him right. Key tips on how to better understand a man are provided.
  • Excellent customer service, well equipped to make response in a timely and professional manner. The services are available 24 hours a day on any day of the week.
  • It guarantees value for your money as customer satisfaction is assured. You are given a 60-days money-back guarantee if the product does not help you.
  • It emphasizes on a simple yet powerful principle called respect.
  • This guide is convenient for use since it is available in the form of an e-book and an audio version.
  • It generally provides great knowledge to everyone on how to better your relationship by having better communication.
  • It is written in a manner that is easy to read and follow

The Ideal Candidate for What Men Secretly Want

This book is may be significant to everybody including women in very successful and committed relationships. There are tips on phrases and words that men desire to hear from their partners that may be beneficial to everyone.

However this book is specifically designed for women that are having trouble sustaining their relationships. It is designed to help the below category of people;

  • A woman who is in a relationship where the man does not want commitment. This extends to where a man does not understand why he does not want to commit.
  • It guides a woman who feels unappreciated and not valued by the man.
  • Who is afraid of being emotionally and physically committed to a man on account of fearing that the man will eventually leave her.
  • It is also designed for a woman who is having trouble choosing an ideal partner fearing that he will just be like the former one.


This well balanced book is certainly draws incredible guidelines and tips on how one can maintain a lasting attraction in a relationship.

The clearly defined concepts like respect will certainly help you better understand how you can treat a man to have a lasting relationship.

This book serves to better communicate the needs of every partner. It being a man’s perspective on the relationship issue, he is better placed to understand a man’s emotions.

You can now go ahead and make an informed choice to benefit your relationship by getting a copy of this incredible read and get deeper knowledge of relationships and what a man really wants.

Certainly you will not be disappointed. Its aspects are definitely beneficial.