The Guy Magnet Reviews

The Guy Magnet is becoming immensely popular but what are the facts about this product? Here we give you a detailed and objective review of The Guy Magnet and we start by highlighting what this product is all about.

This system is all about empowering women with vital tips and techniques to win the heart and desire of any man that the woman is really dying for. Think about that, something that places the man of your desires right at the palm of your hands?

Yes, that is what this product is all about. So forget about walking around heartbroken craving for the attention and love of a man who is either not interested in you or has finally hit the road after losing all the affection he had for you.

The Guy Magnet claims to be a powerful program designed to help you draw and hook the man of your dreams in the shortest time and in the most powerful way ever.

Who Is The Author or Creator?

Of course it’s only reasonable to want to know something about the creator of such a program that makes such bold claims.

Well, this system is the product of one James Scott an expert in the field of relationships and dating specializing in the act and art of attraction. In the course of his career, James has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience to become a master of thought hypnotist to boot.

James holds thought hypnosis classes and sessions privately and has helped thousands of desperate women navigate the muddy waters of searching for the all-elusive Mr. Perfect.

Using this technique James Scott has warmed the hearts of many ladies by making their search bear more fruits than they ever imagined possible.

Other than holding these sessions Scott is the author of The Guy Magnet guide which provides users with the all-important tips and questions that lead to the desired results.

What Is Included In The Program?

Inside this program, users learn how to tame and win the adoration of the hard-to-get man of their dreams.

In addition there’s a lot of info that includes: proven ways to effectively transfer your thoughts to any man’s mind, techniques to help you set his heart and eyes only on you and feel repulsed by other women, how to effectively melt his commitment challenges and get obsessed about proposing to you.

You get the right words to use to make him look beyond your flaws real and imagined and thus turn him into your personal praise singer accolade singer.

Also included is a five-minute conversation technique meant to arouse any guy’s admiration and interest in you as well as tips on how you can make the man fulfill all your requests and all his promises by simply saying some thought-provoking and thoroughly creative sentences.

In case what you want is to have your Ex come back begging for your forgiveness, the program has the right techniques to see you through.

Other than the main guide, James Scott offers a few bonus items namely The Love Trigger Report which teaches users how to make the man connect your image to wonderful emotions such as pleasure and love unconsciously to the ladies.

The Main Training Manual is a short guide that equips you with non-verbal body language techniques to help you make your man hopelessly attracted and totally devoted to you while The Male Mind Explorer teaches you how to read the man’s mind and emotions with exact accuracy.

How Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

Simply this program equips with you with a set of mesmerizing questions and techniques that are known to flood a guy’s senses with obsession chemicals.

These c chemicals make the target emotionally weak for the woman such that he just can’t resist chasing after the woman like a possessed man.

One can ask these questions through whatever medium, they can be asked out aloud verbally, or sent as text messages, emails or any other convenient method.

As soon as the questions sink into the man’s mind he instantly feels an addictive desire right through the whole of his body.

In a couple of minutes, the man gets mesmerized by the lady and yields to all her desires and demands without fail. The guy just can’t escape from the lady’s hypnotic spell and is ready and willing to do all her bidding.

The Guy Magnet works. Hundreds if not thousands of women have found it extremely effective in helping them realize their longtime dream of having their dream-man emotionally and romantically under lock and key.

On the same, this program does not claim to use any magical elixir rather it employs practical techniques that affect the mind of the target and lead to the production of the obsession chemicals that produce these results.

Talking of which, it’s not unusual for individuals to have these obsession chemicals in any case you are chasing after your ideal man because of this very same reason – you are obsessed with him. The same chemicals are at play in your brain.


  1. Written in a simple and easy to understand language.
  2. The questions are easy and seemingly ordinary but yield outstanding results.
  3. It’s practical and easy to follow so it can be used by any woman.
  4. The system does not require you to undergo any physical changes to look more appealing to your man.
  5. It is highly effective and works on almost every man.
  6. The results are seen right away as long as you apply the methods as recommended in the manual.
  7. Reasonable pricing
  8. 100% total refund guarantee in case you find the program ineffective or a scam.
  9. Instant online access since you don’t have to wait for shipment rather you just download it straight from the internet.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate For The Product?

While it’s true this system has tips and techniques that can be used by any woman to attract and retain the guy of her desires, this program contains tips and techniques that can be invaluable in existing relationships as well. So this system is for you if:

  • You are in love with a man who is totally indifferent to your feelings and desires
  • If your target guy is keeping his options open and has a whole list of women to choose from.
  • If the man you want is afraid of serious commitment.
  • If the man has become indifferent, aloof, hardly pays any attention to you.
  • If you want the guy to take the reins and drive the relationship as you sit back and amaze yourself as he chases and loves you to the best of his ability.

Does The Product Work?

The Guy Magnet works. Why do we say so? Two compelling reasons here. For one, this system is not the product of guesswork and untested theory.

James Scott has spent many years in the field of dating and relationships. In these many years, he has accumulated a lot of knowledge about what men want and how they want it.

He has dealt with women and knows exactly what they have to do to have a man’s absolute attention and adoration. It’s from this information and experience that he has designed this program.

Secondly, the system has won accolades among thousands of users across the globe. These users and reviewers are living testimony to the effectiveness of this system otherwise any scam program would not attract such an overwhelming number of positive reviews online.


The Guy Magnet is a system that every woman who is seriously seeking to mesmerize the man of her dreams should take seriously.

It’s a simple but highly effective program. Why not make your love life dream a reality by making the best of what James Scott has to offer through this unique and easy-to-use system.

With this program, you can easily and transform your anguish into the greatest love affair of all time. Give it a trial and have your dream man chasing after you and never ever having enough of you.