The Bonding Stages Reviews

The product name comes from the stages a man goes through in a relationship to fall in love and develop a bond.

After researching couples and speaking with women whom had trouble maintaining a relationship with a man for long periods of time, or whom were unable to find a relationship that led to marriage, the creator of the Bonding Stages examined why these relationships hit a roadblock a bit further.

Through speaking with many people either in healthy relationships or going through feelings of doubt that something was wrong with them when they could not find that commitment, reading relationship books, and gaining insight by observing the behaviors of all types of couples, as well as persons in the couples in an individual setting, the creator came to a revelation.

This was the men bond differently than women. Also, bonding is developed in stages. By understanding this fundamental notion, the creator went on to create a program that nourished this idea.

As such, it would help men and women come together and bond in a meaningful, long lasting way. This was with the foundation that men and women will bound differently.

The bonding stages are important to creating this deep-level commitment that leads into a long-term, happy relationship.

The creator boiled down his research into three main insights:

First, men have stage of bonding. If they do not go through these stages, marriages may have difficulties. This is because men must go through each bonding stage to commit.

For a man, there are often five stages of bonding. The second stage is more focused on passion and heat. As such, a man must go through the third bonding stages.

During stage three, a man may hit a roadblock and form doubts. This is where a woman can bond with him. She can offer the reassurance and support so that they form a deep connection.

Who Is The Author or Creator?

Bob Grant, P.L.C. created the program after witnessing women suffer through difficulties finding a long-lasting bond with their significant other.

After watching women question themselves as a personal relationship coach, he researched the difference in how men bond and the stages that men must go through to fall in love.

Through years of experience and research, he has developed a program to help women understand that men must go through a series of bonding stages to fall in love.

As such, he is sharing this knowledge to assist women in developing stronger relationships with a bond that will lead to a bigger commitment, hopefully lasting for a lifetime.

What Is Included In The Program?

The program takes couples that have gotten stuck in stage three. The coach of the Bonding Stages assists them, especially women, in moving past stage three.

Once the man has moved into stages four and five, then the couple has blossomed into a bonded, commitment relationship.

This includes learning that was developed through relationship and personal coaching, the creator’s relationship expertise, and an understanding of relationships in the grand scheme, which is why each bonding stage is so important to identify and work through for each couple to develop a strong bond.

In the program, you will learn about the five bonding stages and their importance to your relationship. You will also learn more on how to spot which stage a man is currently going through.

Moreover, you will obtain insight into how to break through stage three so that you can move your man passed the stage three.

This allows a man to move into the stages four and five, which ultimately will facilitate a deeper bond for your relationship.

By identifying what stage your man is in during a relationship, you can avoid the number one mistake that causes many relationships to end instead of going the distance.

The program also teaches the woman more about the man’s psyche. For example, it discusses what a man means when he says different phrases, what words may trigger him, how to best approach situations to progress your relationship, and so much more.

How Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

The Bonding Stages program works through this understanding of how men bond with his partner in stages and that these stages differ for men versus women.

The coach also understands that men may not realize they are in stage three. He has worked with couples, with both partners likely frustrated at this stage, to help them identify the frustrations, the tension and any other issues creating difficulty in developing a deep bond with one another.

By working out these sources of tension and helping both the man and woman realize that his or her frustration is not their fault or the fault of their partners, the creator of this program can help other couples understand what the partner needs to move past stage three. The goal is to form a long-lasting bond.

From there, the couple can move into stages four and five. This is when the couple often has developed a true bond that will lead to a long lasting and committed, happy relationship.

In fact, many couples that use the professional counseling services end up married after going through the program.

List of Pros

  1. Develop an Understanding of How to Progress in Your Relationship;
  2. Realize that there is a Fundamental Difference in how Men bond versus how Women bond;
  3. Realize it is not your fault that relationships are not progressing into more serious commitments;
  4. Understand that through coaching and listening, couples can work through what seems like a difficult stage; and
  5. Know that you two can be in a happy, committed relationship by going through each of the bonding stages together as a couple.

Who is the Ideal Candidate For The Product?

The ideal candidate for the product is someone that has been through frustrations with relationships and the ability to move forward to the next step.

Many women come to this product feeling as though something may be wrong with them. They are unsure why the man in their relationships will not move forward and into a commitment.

As they question themselves and who they are, they blame themselves even more. This leads to questions that often makes a man feel uncomfortable.

Stuck in a pattern of not truly understanding why each of the Bonding Stages are so important for a man to reach a bond with his partner, the couple will end up not moving forward.

Both the man and the woman may walk away from it not understanding why this seemingly ideal relationship did not work out the way each person, or one person, thought that it would.

This product is for those that want to move out of this pattern so that they can develop a committed relationship and find that person with whom they bond with by going through the bonding stages.

Does The Product Name Work?

The product name describes what is so important about the product itself. It also says what makes it unique. The creator evaluated relationships and analyzed what was going wrong.

He looked at many frustrated women. He listed to them and to couples. He read books for more insight. Through scientific research, he realized that the issue was men bond in a different way than women.

Also, that men bond in stages. For couples, it may be hard for the man or the woman to tell when the man is in stage three.

This is when he may push away, yet he needs the reassurance from the women to form a long-lasting bond for that relationship.

Through this product, couples receive the guidance and understanding to realize how important the bonding stages are in finding the happily ever after in which they crave.


For any woman that has felt she has had too many relationships that seemingly end abruptly when she thought that her companion was the one she would marry, the Bonding Stages program offered by Bob Grant, P.L.C. is worth a try.

Not only will it help you understand more about yourself, but also more about the other person in your relationship. Once you do, then you can form that strong bond and have a happier, healthier relationship.