Stroke of Genius Reviews

There is no denying the fact that every man loves a great handjob. However, most women cannot give a good handjob and satisfy their men in the manner in which they would desire and as we know, being met halfway is the worst experience in any form of sex.

The Stroke of Genius is an extremely powerful handbook that guides women on all matters pertaining to giving a great handjob.

Women can gain total control over their partners once they learn the amazing secrets on how to give great handjobs to their men.

This handbook is a combination of the unambiguous and practical techniques that can be used by women anywhere, anytime.

Who Is The Author?

The brainchild behind the Stroke of Genius is Cassidy Lyon. Cassidy is an amazing relationship expert who has helped many couples from all across the globe to improve their relationships.

This program was developed by Cassidy after she experienced the disappointment that comes with the experience of a horrible handjob.

She researched about handjobs and tried to understand the anatomy of the men. After lots of teasing and testing, Cassidy finally came up with this handbook.

The techniques that she has outlined and discussed in this book have been extremely helpful, as is claimed by most people who have put them to practice.

What Is Included In The Program?

This is an e-book that is priced at 97 USD. However, a discount of 62% can be availed at certain times when purchasing the book.

When you purchase the book, you can also get three other books, namely, 50-intimacy ideas, the Naughty-girl’s toy chest and the handjob interviews.

You can access these books online and all you need is a proper internet connection. You will also get a few erotic films with the book, which will provide guidance on how you can literally take your partner to cloud nine during sex.

How Does It Work? Is It A Scam?

The e-book has detailed steps which explain how to get your man to be sexually aroused, thereby leading to orgasm.

It further explains some tips through which a woman can save her man from porn addiction or masturbation. The techniques included within the book are:

  • Kiss-Of The-Fingernails.
  • Tantalizing Twister.
  • The Tip-Swirl.
  • Soft-Pleasure Method.
  • Two-Hands on The-Wheel.
  • The “Rub-A-Tug” Method.

The e-book provides realistic information and guides on how you can perform a great handjob, a fete that will help you to earn his trust, affection, and love.

This is the ultimate solution for those women looking to keep the spark in their relationship alive and possibly get back the love they once lost.

This e-book is considered to be one of the most effective programs that assist in empowering and training women out there on how to leverage their emotional drive as well as mental power using their hands to give their men the best handjobs ever.

The book also includes details through which a man can be protected from premature ejaculation.

This program is not similar to the other average handjob programs available out there. This is because these methods and techniques are unique and authentic, and have been tried by the author as well.

There are different chapters that teach on various secrets that many women are already aware of, so all they have to do is perfect them.

The ebook also highlights some not-so-common essential tips and techniques that have to be kept in mind when giving a handjob to your partner.

There are a number of ideas and tricks provided in this book which will enlighten you as to how you can discourage your partner from masturbating frequently or watching the adult movies for pleasure, habits we both know are not so beneficial for his sex life.

The book additionally enlightens the reader about the hypnotic language as well as psychological triggers which will come in handy whenever you wish to attract the attention of your partner, especially when he is averse to the idea of a handjob.

The tips and techniques of an ideal handjob are mentioned clearly in the book. The author has also described certain ancient methods and Tantra techniques that, despite the many years, have remained true and effective.

The Prostate Percolator technique introduces all the secrets by which you can scour the prostate, so as to boost the masculine pleasure.

You will get a better and clear understanding of the things that you can do to control the ejaculation of your partner.

The hypnotic techniques will allow you to massage various parts of your partner’s body so that he can maintain his erections stiffer for longer.

Evidently, the program is not a scam as it not only highlights practical tips but has also and it has assisted many women to kindle the passion and fire in their love life.

List of Pros

  1. The program has been tested by many women from different parts of the world, and they have confirmed that it works effectively.
  2. You will get a complete refund of your money if you feel that the program is not working for you.
  3. Along with all the techniques in this ebook, you will also get 50 Intimacy Ideas, which will let you know about various secrets for pulling your partner closer.
  4. This handbook is affordable.
  5. If you are a lucky buyer, you can get your hands on a video pack that has interviews with six men.

Who Is The Ideal Candidate For This Product?

Women who are not able to satisfy their partners with a perfect handjob should get hold of this ebook. It is also generally ideal for the women who want to improve their sex life and fulfill the desires of their partners for a more fulfilling relationship.

Since it is cheap, it can be easily afforded by anyone and everyone who want to please their partners.

Does The Product Work?

According to the reviews given by various women who have tried this program, this handbook is known to work wonders.

The handbook has helped people to win the interest and love of their partners, through the secrets techniques and methods that were tried and tested by the author herself.

Indeed, many women who have used this product have experienced a difference only a credible program can offer.


If you are not good at giving handjobs or your love life is not as good as it used to be, you can get the Stroke of Genius handbook and reclaim your lost glory, so to speak.

You will be amazed at the techniques and tips that have been described here and by the time you are done reading, you will be able to get a proper understanding of the male anatomy so that you can provide your make partner the pleasure that he has been longing for ages.

Other users of the program have agreed that their partners are more inclined to them in comparison to what they were earlier. Why not get a copy today and share in this success story?