Stroke by Stroke Reviews

Stroke by Stroke is a comprehensive hand job e-book. It contains in-depth information regarding tips and techniques about giving men the best handjob ever.

The well-researched book is based on men’s perspective. We all know that men really love handjobs. However, very few women can get it right.

This book contains powerful secrets that a woman can use to give her man passionate and intoxicating sexual pleasure.

It offers men’s view on their preferred hand job techniques, their erotic spots, and the best locations to enjoy handjobs.

About the Author

Stroke by Stroke is written by Michael Webb. The renowned author is also a revered relationship coach. Michael Webb has been featured in nearly all the prominent newspapers, TV Shows, Magazines, and news outlet in the US.

They include NBC News, Fox News, New Man, Oprah, the Cosmopolitan, and Men’s Health among others. He wrote this e-book not only as a relationship expert but also by analyzing feedback obtained from thousands of men about handjobs.

What Is Included In The Program?

Once you open Stroke by Stroke e-book, one thing you’ll notice is clear and well-detailed information. All sections go straight to the point. This program highlights the full process of giving a man a sensual handjob including:

The basis of a handjob: this is an introductory part. Stroke by Stroke gives a brief background regarding handjobs.

Besides that, this section also highlights perception, as well as experiences, regarding handjobs from a man’s point of view.

Handjob, just like sex requires preparation. There are a few simple things that you can do which will turn your man on even more. They include grooming your nails, engaging in foreplay, etc.

Best Lubricants for handjobs: this sensual sexual activity can only be satisfactory if you use a good lubricant. Stroke by Stroke gives an overview of the best lubricant for this activity.

Besides that, you will learn why most common lubricants don’t deliver the best results and how they can ruin a relationship.

The right handjob position: most people who give hand jobs don’t play by the rules regarding the position. Additionally, most of them don’t consider the location.

While this is okay, Stroke by Stroke highlights that there are certain locations and positions which make a man go crazy. Note that the position, as well as the location, are crucial factors which should never be ignored.

Warming up and the secret spots: apart from touching, you need to “charge” your man up. Stimulate him visually, make eye contact, and talk dirty to him.

Make him yearn and crave for more. Advance your game by sensually touching his erotic spots. Heighten the experience by ignoring the part that needs attention the most i.e. the penis.

Spicing additions: once you understand what you need to do from the start, you are going to make him come quickly.

However, the ultimate experience should be to make him explode. The final area contains additions that can help you spice up your handjob skills. They include the use of condoms, sexy lingerie, stroking his balls, and what not to do.

How Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

Stroke by Stroke is not a scam. It simply outlines the best way to do handjobs. The e-book works by offering insights about handjobs and why men love it. This is a great user manual which can be put into practical use.

Using this program, you will learn about 6 important things to tell him in order to accelerate his climax. You’ll also learn about what men don’t like and what most women usually get wrong when giving handjobs.

Lastly, you will understand how to spice things up and make his eyes roll at the back of his head. Stroke by Stroke is an authentic program that simply gives you in-depth information on how to sensually satisfy your man.

Pros of Stroke by Stroke Program

  1. The details are simple, engaging, and realistic.
  2. The tips and techniques highlighted in this e-book are unique and easy to follow. You will learn about how to make him charge up and explode right as you handle his penis.
  3. The program covers everything including how to prepare, the best handjob locations, and a genitalia guide among other things.
  4. The e-book is suitable for a shy first-time handjob giver as well as an experienced person. It perfectly caters to the needs of every user.
  5. It’s affordable and you get a bonus when you buy a copy of the e-book.
  6. 100 percent money refund in case you are not satisfied with the book.

Who is the Ideal Candidate for the Product?

Well, this e-book is suitable for all adults who are interested in giving men handjobs. It doesn’t matter if you have done it before or you are a first-timer.

Stroke by Stroke is the handjob manual for any woman who is interested in giving her man the ultimate sex session.

Does The Program Work?

User feedback via various online communities and social forums indicate that this program works. This program gives detailed information about the key aspects of handjob and how you can give your man the best sexual experience.

Those who have read the book are always left enlightened. The practicality of Stroke by Stroke also makes it a worthy investment.

It’s evident that thousands of women who have used this book have handled their partners in a new, engaging way. So, it definitely works!


Stroke by Stroke is a simple e-book that’s a goldmine of handjob knowledge. Michael Webb has done a great job by writing a comprehensive e-book on how you can please your man using your hands.

This is a highly recommendable e-book that suits inexperienced handjob givers as well as veterans. It’s the best guide that offers precise details on how to truly satisfy your man and leave him begging for more.

What makes it great is that the information is based on research and extensive analysis. Once you start reading it, you’ll only put it down after reading the last sentence on the last page.