Secret Survey Reviews

Maintaining a relationship is an area where many women fail, as they are unaware of the knowledge that how a man’s brain works.

They do not know what a man desires, what makes him happy, sad or angry, what are his preferences, and the most important of all that whether he tells lies to you or not.

These things are utmost necessary to know for a successful relation, but most of the women fail to do so because it is very difficult to understand a man’s brain, as it functions quite differently as compared to a woman’s.

Therefore, women need basic knowledge and training for a relationship to live with their full potential without any worries or regrets.

Michael Fiore’s Secret Survey is such a program that helps them overcome their relationship problems, and provides them with basic knowledge and skills to keep a healthy relationship.

What is this product all about?

Secret Survey is the study of man’s brain. Especially in the area that reveals that how it works differently from a woman’s brain.

It is created by Michael Fiore who is an author and relationship expert. This course provides insight about the man’s behavior in a relationship.

This program helps at understanding the true spirit in which a man and a woman connect with each other.

Who is the author or creator?

The creator of this program is Michael Fiore. Michael is a US based, internationally known relationship expert and the author of several books regarding relationships.

He has often appeared in the mainstream media, and has been teaching the use of technology to improve relationships for many years.

He has become a specialist in the relationship related matters. The author created this program after conducting an extensive research are surveys.

For this program, he interviewed 21000 men bout their preferences in relationship. This shows the hard work and commitment that the author has exerted in his work.

What is included in the program?

This is program is available online which can be accessed by anyone. This course is comprised of 10 lessons with audio files and pdf documents with relevant exercises.

Two lessons will be given each week. Apart from exercises, the program also offers expensive bonuses.

The bonus includes several articles from Michael Fiore and other relationship experts. Most importantly, it will include the actual results of Michael Fiore’s Secret Survey that he conducted on over 21000 men.

In addition, the package also includes the interviews of several relationship experts across the world, including Eric Candal and Mathew Hussey. These interviews will cover a wide range of topics relating to relationship.

How does it work?

This program is designed after extensive study and research about the human relationship. Like most of the skills are learnt through different courses, such as fitness, cooking and beauty, this skill also requires focus and knowledge.

That knowledge is provided with program which will help the women to lift themselves out of troubles. As described by Michael Fiore, it is like a weapon in women’s hand to make them strong and secure.

The lessons will teach you step by step to master the art of relationship. That apart, there is a lot of other helping material included in the package that will boost your knowledge about relationship.

Is it a Scam?

There are plentiful scams on the internet, but fortunately this program is not one of them. Michael Fiore is an internationally known, well established relationship expert.

His books can be found on the Amazon and other popular services. The creator has kept everything open to save the users from any doubts about the product.

Unlike the scammers, he has not hid his identity. Rather, he is very open about his life experiences. That aside, there are several online videos that reveal the inside of the subscription.

Therefore, the agreement or disagreement with the author is possible, but it is not a scam by any means.

List of Pros

First of all, the articulation of the program is simple and effective. The content focuses straight on the subject, rather than talking here and there.

Then, it is quite easy to follow. All the lessons are provided step by step and they are beautifully linked with each other. The language is simple, and the concepts are explained in plain language, without diving into complex theories.

Moreover, all the lessons are available in video, audio and Pdf format, so you can learn as you find it comfortable. This offer enables the users to choose from their preferred learning styles.

In addition, it is an online and complete course; therefore one does not have to worry about missing sessions and exercises. Also, it offers the comment features in the videos. The women can communicate with each other through that.

Finally, the program offers a comprehensive course about relationship. Apart from the lessons, plenty of valuable material is also provided as a bonus. That knowledge not only gives insights about the relationship, but also instills confidence in the learner.

Who is the ideal candidate for this product?

Basically, this program is designed for every woman. As every person needs to take care of physical and mental fitness, every woman also needs to take care of her relationship.

However, those women should specially join the courses that usually have troubles with their relationships. As the knowledge will guide the women in ups and downs of their lives, therefore every woman should take this course.

Does this product work?

This course is made after the years of study and research to make it a complete and working guide for the women.

Any women who take this course and follow the guidelines will observe improvement in her life. However, it depends upon the learner how much time effort she is ready to put.


This product is recommended to every woman who wants her relation to blossom. This product is capable of eliminating the troubles and sorrows from a relationship.

By giving insight about the man’s desires, this program gives great strength to women. This program is comprehensive and comes with offers a number of advantages.

Also, this is a real and workable relationship program. It is capable of transforming women’s lives by improving their relationships.


As described by a great relationship counselor and author John Gray, Men are from Mars and Women are from years.

Both belong to the same species, but at the same time vary in their way of thinking. Michael Fiore has taken this concept further to create a comprehensive program which will serve a step to step guide for the women in their relationships.

The course, named as Secret Survey, aims to make women aware of a man’s desires, preferences and behaviors. This program is available online at a little cost, consisting of step by step lessons and the plentiful helping material.

This course comes with many advantages, such as simplicity, understandability, incorporation of different learning styles and plentiful helping and confidence building material.

The program is not scam; rather, it is created with the years of hard work and commitment. Any woman who puts her effort in it will get an improved relationship.