Lovetraction Lines Reviews

There are times, when those blue eyes, blond hair and dimples on cheeks might fail to attract attention from the person who rules the heart.

As a remedy, a woman spends hours on attention seeking methods, so that the man of the heart could be acquired completely.

They spent long hours on looking for right kind of dresses, which makes them attractive. They spend lot of time in putting right kind of makeup, which can make them more attractive.

Sometimes, women spend their time in gym, as they feel an attractive figure is a key for developing attraction. Well, there is no end to this list.

When we want something to happen, we keep on trying until that happens. But, have you ever thought that this can be dealt in a professional way?

If not, then think and learn about “Lovetraction lines”, which could be an ideal solution for this situation.

What is “Lovetraction Lines”?

Lovetraction lines is a “relationship course” for women. This is a unique course which will definitely help the women in building a healthy as well as long lasting relationship.

This can be called as a self-improvement program for women who are devoid of any attraction from their boyfriends.

This can be called as a dating program, that is made up of different types of strategies & features, that can be implemented on a man straightaway, in order to develop an attraction towards you.

This will make him fall in love with you, quite instantly. So, it can be said, that this is a program that can help in casting a love spell on a man and make him fall in love with you. The course is made up of lines or texts, that almost works like a magic.

Who is the creator of the program?

This program has been created by dating as well as relationship expert Simone Myers. After the launch of lovetraction lines, Simone is also one of the best-selling authors.

It is believed that Simone has exceptional knowledge on male psychology which she has built through extensive research.

With the help of this knowledge, she has been able to develop an effective program like this. Simone has also built her knowledge from her professional experience, as she was working as a hypnotist.

This is how she has come to know about the compelling power of hypnosis and applied the same to the field of dating.

In fact, she has improvised the methodology of hypnosis to create an influence on the hearts as well as desires of men.

What is included in the book?

This program is made up of certain psychological techniques that is written in text form. The book helps to develop an understanding of male psyche and explains how it work.

As a woman, this will definitely help to understand how men think about a woman. Probably, as a woman once you understand the thinking of men, you can understand how men perceive dating.

In the next phase, the book will take through different types of “Lovetraction Lines”, that is capable of creating an influence on men along with their desire.

These lines are grouped into thirteen different groups, that has been classified as per the situation. This includes the precious honeybunch lines, fire in the belly lines and, queen of my heart lines.

Precious honeybunch line helps in creating attraction by implying pleasure as well as discomfort at the same point of time.

This actually confuses the man and compel him to submit to the attraction. Whereas, fire in the belly lines emphasizes on the application of validation as well as rewards in such a way that a man thrives for more effort, so that the needs of the relationship could be fulfilled.

Queen of my heart lines aims to make a man feel inspired. With these lines he will fortunate, that you are there in your life. These lines are quite natural and can be used in undetectably in the middle of a conversation.

How does it work?

Lovetraction lines work on basis of a very simple idea. The idea is to trigger right kind of emotions in a man, which will signal to his mind that you are the best woman in his life, which he could have.

It can be also said, that this works by visibly hypnotising the man, and developing attraction towards a particular woman.

The idea of this program is implemented through the lovetraction lines, which acts as a crucial tool for a woman.

Also, one should understand that communication is an important tool of this program, and this program works only when a woman communicates to a man, thus recognizing communication as an important tool of relationship.

This product has garnered positive reviews as well as recommendations form the renowned dating experts, hence this is definitely not a scam.

What are the advantages of this program?

There are multiple advantages of this program which are listed below:

  1. This will make a man completely attracted towards you.
  2. Your man will be poised to do whatever you want.
  3. It will define the priorities for the man and help to integrate them in your life.
  4. It will make your man more committed towards you.
  5. As a woman, it will make you more confident when it comes to relationship.
  6. It will make the relationship more practical.
  7. The techniques are drawn from practical as well as professional experience which guarantees success along with satisfaction.
  8. The program has only viable techniques which can be tried practically.

“Lovetraction” is for whom?

To answer this question, it would be wise to say that “Lovetraction Lines” is a self-improvement module, which has been specifically designed for women.

Women can think of this as a tool, for garnering attraction from the man of their life, and create a dearth of desire in their heart.

Well, if you have developed the perception that this is just an art of words, you are absolutely wrong. This program has been developed through thorough scientific research, while keeping the social dynamics in mind.

The research behind the program makes it stand apart from some other programs which are available in the same category.

You know your boyfriend is a player or might be a kind of Casanova, you find it hard to seek his attention. Then “Lovetraction” is definitely for you.


This program is definitely recommended for ending your dating as well as relationship woes.

So, once you get the early warnings from your boyfriend, such as he needs some space or he doesn’t want to get tied or he is not ready for this. Then the time has come, to implement the techniques of “lovetraction lines”.