The Language of Desire Reviews

This is a product meant to help women gain great power with men. It is a comprehensive guide that teaches women how to compel a man to be sexually obsessed with them and only them with absence of touch.

The language desire can be best defined as the hidden sexual language of the masculine gender’s mind.

Who Is The Author or Creator?

Felicity Keith is the proud author or creator of this wonderful product.

What Is Included In The Program?

The program seeks to teach women to have a better understanding of love, passion, lust and how the brains of men are interconnects and relates to each of them. The program includes the following techniques:

Pavlov’s Erection Technique

This technique conditions a man to become uncontrollably turned on and itching with desire for a woman. It is instigated each time a woman whispers what seems like an innocent phrase of her choice in his ear.

The Cuddle Hormone Technique

A woman is taught how to cause a great rush of the cuddle hormone also known as magic love portion in a man’s brain. This hormone will make a man shake with desire and view a woman as his only love and would at all costs keep her safe.

Sexual Singularity Technique

A woman is taught how to say sexual singularity, the one word that a man badly always wants to hear a woman say but none ever does. This powerful word hammers a man’s attention to a woman and makes him feel wanted and appreciated more than any lady has ever made him feel before.

The Tease Intensifier Technique

In this technique, a woman is taught how to slowly get hot and heavy with a man so he clutches the table with unbridled lust. It makes a man be unable to contain the grin on his face.

Desired Seed Technique

A woman is taught the trick to use to plant a Desire Seed in a man’s brain. This controversial method permits a woman to say to a man exactly what she wants in bed so that she gets her fancies met.

A woman is taught how to do this without fearing to be embarrassed. In fact, she will discover that utilizing this technique creates an intimate bond between her and a man where his wants and hers become the same.

Erotic Action Movie Technique

In this technique a woman is taught how to employ text messages, Skype or the mobile phone to make a clear emotional movie in a man’s head where he is the hero and she is the woman he would do everything for.

From one moment to the other, from one scene to the other the woman will be taught to use vulnerable aspects of the feminine gender to inspire the man, encourage him and make him feel like a man he has always wanted to be.

The No-Touch Lay Technique

This technique teaches a woman to make herself and a man feel like they both had mind blowing sex without getting naked or touching.

The Single Male Maximizer Technique

This technique teaches a woman the procedure to compel a man beg to be hers and only hers forever.

The Romance Rotator Technique

This technique is primarily meant to teach a woman how to activate the deep and occasionally hidden romantic impulse hidden far in a man’s brain.

Porn Destroyer Technique

In this technique a woman learns how to say a phrase that will make a man switch off the desktop computer, chase her into the bedroom and seduce her as the gorgeous woman she is, right in before him.

Erotic Telepathy Technique

A woman is taught how to crawl inside a man’s brain, past all his barriers and find out his deepest fantasies filled with passion. Fantasies he is not aware of.

Lust Mirror Technique

This simple and powerful technique allows a woman to make a feedback loop between herself and her man such that the more she is turned on, the increasingly turned on he is and the increasingly turned on he is, the more turned on she can get.

This technique will leave a woman and her man both aching with desperation. It builds up the heat until a man is finally almost forced to take her into his arms.

Oral Intensifier Technique

In this technique a woman is taught how to use a phrase when giving a man head that will make him feel appreciated, loved, taken care of and willing to kill dragons to keep her in his life.

It will make a man feel that she is the only one who will make him feel that good.

Invisible Chastity Technique

This technique shows a woman how exactly to increase the erotic intensity by removing sex off the table. The man is likely to complain in the beginning but then he will nibble at her neck, kiss her lips sensually, hold her close to him, scratch at the wall and say to her exactly how much she turns him on.

Madonna Moan Technique

This technique teaches a woman how to truly get in touch with her most erotic self. It utilizes a simple exercise to teach a lady to be totally relaxed sexually and to open herself to different levels of pleasure.

It will make a woman be shocked by the moan that will come out of her mouth. The first time a man will hear it will make him growl and may even burst into tears.

The man may even whisper a surprise struck thank you in her ear for making him aware what it is truly like to be a man.

The Friend To Fantasy Technique

This technique teaches a woman how to be more with a guy that is her friend and make him seduce her.

How Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

The program teaches women how to properly tease and extremely torment a man using science specifically chemistry.

The process utilizes phrases that are psychologically designed to hit the masculine like a drug and give a desired effect. The secret lies in causing a dopamine explosion in a man’s brain.

Dopamine is pleasure chemical that floods a man’s brain when he is erotically excited. Some common things that lead to dopamine explosions are: when a one shares a passionate kiss with someone they love, when one cheats on their diet, when you gorge on chocolate and even when wins a lottery.

The dopamine hit is what is responsible for motivating all men, women and animals on earth.

This is proof enough that the program is not a scam but uses scientific knowledge to achieve a desired effect on the opposite sex. The program is the result of long, continuous, intensive research, experimentation and work.

List of Pros

The product has numerous pros, some of which include the following:

  • A woman using the product will be able to offer his man a stronger and erotic sexual experience than his ex-girlfriend ever would in a sex-filled weeked.All this will be achieved while she is sitting at the table of restaurant acting completely innocent in the eyes of everyone else around her.
  • A woman using this product will be able to offer his man a stronger and pleasurable erotic sexual experience without ever feeling or acting like a slut.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate For The Product?

The product is ideal for women:
i. Who are divorced and want to rekindle the flame.
ii. Who have crazy work schedules and keeps them away from their men.
iii. Who have sex less frequently
iv. Who have a dull sex life
v. Who want to tap into their sexual and sensual nature but are afraid of looking like sluts.

Does The Product Work?

The product works because the author herself has used it in her life and seen the results. She has also heard amazing, passionate and raving reviews from women in the age group of 18 to 80 years old.


The program is highly recommended for women who take their boyfriends or husbands to couples counseling seeking attention and pleasure and women that complain about being alone because they misunderstand men’s attraction and need.